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Christo Demetriades, Global Advisor

Global Chamber® Cyprus

Christo Demetriades is a Global Advisor for Global Chamber® Cyprus. Christo is a highly successful entrepreneur who has demonstrated exceptional executive leadership spanning a spectrum of international commerce. Through visionary executive leadership he has created, owned and sold successful businesses in the global arena, utilizing his formidable understanding of international finance, law and business protocol.

Underscored by a strong accounting background, Demetriades’ forte is acquiring and analyzing mismanaged or rundown entities for turn around, advancing their profitability by analyzing and reducing costs, maximizing revenues, or restructuring, when appropriate, to optimize profitability, then negotiating with investment banks, private lenders or initiating an IPO, effectively enabling the enterprise to reach its financial objectives. Underscoring this keen business acumen is Demetriades’ intrinsic ability to build a strong and loyal management team, or when necessary, to restructure that team, in a manner that supports the advancement of corporate goals and objectives.


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